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Jaguar Land Rover Bahrain Launches an Extended Warranty Ramadan Offer on Click and Go System!

Harmony with the spirit of giving that is celebrated during the month of Ramadan, Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover announced the launch of a limited-time offer that will be in effect during the Holy Month.

Following in its illustrious tradition of creating beneficial initiatives that specifically cater to its customers, Jaguar Land Rover Bahrain now presents them with a free Click and Go system with the purchase of its recently introduced 24-month Extended Warranty policy on any of its Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles during the month of Ramadan.

The Click and Go range is a multi-purpose seat back system for second row passengers, that is usually optional on any model, in Jaguar Land Rover Bahrain’s distinguished line-up. The versatile Click and Go Base fixes between the headrest mountings and further attachments can be added to hold tablets, bags and shirts or jackets.

As a stipulation of the offer, customers who choose to avail of the Extended Warranty option during Ramadan will be gifted both the Click and Go base, and one attachment of their choice.

Elaborating on the offering, Mr. Stephen Lay, the General Manager of Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time of intentional, celebrated goodwill and kind acts of giving, and therefore it brings us immense pride to have conceived such a wholesome offering in line with the essence of the season. The myriad features that are covered in the Extended Warranty policy make it a value-for-money service in itself, and therefore, its coupling with this offer now makes this the ideal time to purchase the 24-month Extension. With the attachments including the Click and Play iPad Air holder, a removable tablet holder , the Click and Hook, which creates extra storage space for items to be hung, the Click and Hang, a removable coat hanger, and the Click and Work, a folding table, the extremely functional Click and Go System is tailor-made for in-cabin comfort and rear passenger entertainment.”

The latest in an acclaimed line of complementary After-Sales services, the highly advantageous Extended Warranty offered by Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover provides customers with generous claim limits, up to the purchase price of the car. It comes into effect once the vehicle exceeds 3 years from the date of delivery and expires after 5 years from the date of delivery or at 250,000 km for Jaguar owners, except for the Jaguar E-PACE which expires at 150,000 km, whichever comes first. For Land Rover owners the Extended Warranty comes into effect once the vehicle exceeds 3 years from the date of delivery and expires after 5 years from the date of delivery or at 150,000 km, whichever comes first.

The Extended Warranty provides comprehensive coverage against unexpected mechanical and electrical vehicle failure; the categories covered typically include engine components, powertrain control unit, gearbox and suspension as well as catalytic convertors and electrical systems amongst others. With Travel Protection also included in the Extended Warranty, customers will be able to benefit from Road Side Assistance while travelling to a number of countries in the MENA region which includes; Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar and Tunisia.


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