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A first of its kind, Jaguar Land Rover launches an exclusive digital series reflecting on the history of Bahrain.

Euro Motors, the exclusive importer and distributor for Jaguar Land Rover, launches a first of its kind a digital series consisting of 30 episodes spanning throughout the month of Ramadan. Embracing the spirit of Ramadan and driven with the spectacular Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, the episodes will reflect on the main historical areas and tradition of Bahrain.

The innovative digital series for social media users created by Euro Motors will have Hamad Al Shamlan drive the iconic Jaguar Land Rover across the roads and historical sites of Bahrain. Everyday throughout the month of Ramadan the series will be broadcasted through multiple social media outlets at the same time, showcasing the magnificent beauty of Bahrain in a vehicle built for Bahrain’s road, lifestyle and its weather.

Entertaining the audience from the comfort of their home, Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover rediscovers the heritage and culture of Bahrain, Hamad will be heading to several locations which include the Bahrain International Circuit Located in Sakhir desert, Bab al-Bahrain at Manama Souq which is considered one of the oldest markets in Bahrain, and it has many local and imported shops, products and traditional cafes. The series driven with the most capable vehicle of Land Rover and the latest jaguar SUV’s will also highlight people of Bahrain, tailors and local Ramadhan desserts shops.

Euro Motors General Manager David McGoldrick says: “This Ramadan we are extremely excited to share our love for the Kingdom and to take you on a journey to discover the historical sights of Bahrain on the iconic Land Rover and Jaguar”.

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