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BMW Bahrain and Batelco have Announced the First personal 5G e-Sim in the region!

Bahrain's leading telecom company @Batelco, a part of the Beyon Group, has entered into a partnership with Euro Motors the official importer of BMW in the Kingdom of Bahrain to enable eSIM technology for the group's latest models available in Bahrain. 

The eSIM technology allows a seamless integration between the vehicle and the mobile network, providing the user with connectivity at all times, even if the mobile was left at home. 

Users can make calls and access the internet, since the eSIM is embedded in the vehicle itself. Moreover, the eSIM is linked directly to the BMW ID of the customer and it can be used in any enabled vehicle across the world.

Announcing this during a press conference held at Euro motors, the BMW dealership in Bahrain, Batelco said with this it has become the first in Bahrain and GCC, and amongst 9 operators worldwide to enable eSIM technology in BMW vehicles. 

With this technology that’s powered by Batelco, customers are able to connect to the internet using their vehicles as another interconnected device, similar to when using a smartwatch or a tablet, it stated. 

With Batelco’s connectivity that offers high bandwidth and low latency, customers will benefit from improved call quality and will also be able to activate hotspots for passenger devices in the vehicle, it added.

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