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Euro Motors’ launches CitNOW to ensure customer ease and convenience on Aftersales Care

Euro Motors (EM), Bahrain’s official importer of BMW Group vehicles, has launched CitNOW, a brand-new digital video sharing platform.

The application has been tailored specifically for customers seeking ease and convenience on the aftersales care of their BMW or MINI, allowing clients to view their cars from the comfort of their own homes.

Each car at EM’s workshop is closely analysed by a team of specialists. Once examined, clear video updates are sent through the CitNOW app directly to the customer’s mobile phone. The updates highlight the client’s vehicle status and condition and include professional advice.

Customers can expect an easy to understand traffic light system health check before automatically approving, declining, or discussing the next steps using the very same link.

David McGoldrick, General Manager at Euro Motors said, “Euro Motors are constantly implementing the latest technologies to ensure a seamless, convenient and modernised customer journey. CitNOW evidently portrays these efforts.”

“Each of our clients can now receive more technical insights into their vehicle condition, minimising any communication gaps. It really is the future of further developing trust with our loyal customers and the Euro Motor’s workshop.”

“Ultimately, we make sure to listen to our customers. CitNOW reflects how we are adapting to a ‘new normal’, meeting our client’s needs in these challenging times.”

For more information, please call 17750750.  

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