Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover to Distribute Iftar Meals this Ramadan

Euro Motors, the exclusive importer and distributor for luxury automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover in the Kingdom of Bahrain, announced that it will be distributing Iftar meals during each day of the month of Ramadan.


To commemorate the Month of Giving, the prestigious dealership will be handing out 50 full-course Iftar meals per day in Jaguar Land Rover vehicles which will be appropriately equipped to store and distribute the meals all over the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Iftar meals that will be handed out during Maghreb prayers will include water bottles, dates, Laban, appetizers, and a main course.


As part of its annual Ramadan celebrations, this year, Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover decided to go beyond its trademark provisions of the most generous offers, and exemplary products and services to expand its reach and extend its offerings to not only its customers but to the Bahraini community as a whole, without any sort of borders or exclusivities, thereby giving back to the people of the Kingdom and embodying the seasonal spirit of sharing abundantly.

About euro motors

  • Introduction

    Since 1998, Euro Motors set out to position itself as the leader in the automotive industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has since come a long way.

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    Continually striving to attain the highest standards, technical employees at Euro Motors undergo rigorous training as a continuous process to put them at the cutting-edge of auto service technology at our new on-site training center.

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    The interior of the showroom comprises of a reception area, coffee shop, service reception, accessories displays, individual area, new car delivery areas, as well as a body shop and spare-parts reception all in accordance with franchise approved corporate identity.

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